Dear Friends,

A warm welcome to you.

I have an unflinching faith in the innate wisdom of my people. The voice of their thoughts must not only be heard but also given a fair chance of being realized.

I have a dream that one day Madhya Pradesh will march ahead of others. A day when we would be looked upon as role models of progress and social justice. This will happen only when we join hands and contribute with all the vigor and resources at our command.

This website would enable me to reach out to those whom I may not have met in person. Let all your worthy ideas bloom. Let not the burden of chores in Government or the authority of any closed mind thwart your initiative or stifle creativity. Your valuable ideas are welcome. They will help us in fulfilling the aspirations of development and credible Governance.

May I call upon you to join us in the making of a new Pradesh. Let all, be they the youth, women, or the senior citizens, send their ideas on how the pace of progress can hasten and our people enjoy a quality life.

Together we shall build a state that generations to come will take pride in.

Jai Hind,

Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh
हिन्दी चुने 
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